NH Marijuana Summit discusses limitations of medical marijuana knowledge


NH Marijuana Summit on August 25, 2015 sponsored by the New Hampshire Providers Association

At the NH Marijuana Summit in Concord, NH on August 27, 2015 experts from Colorado spoke about the need to provide clear regulations when legalizing marijuana and using revenues to increase prevention and treatment funding. The legalization of marijuana is spreading faster than the scientific evidence in support of use.

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Innovative program in Seattle demonstrates how support can change the lives of people living with addiction

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD), a program launched in 2011 in Seattle, is a collaboration between police, public defenders and case workers that seek to help reintegrate people living with addiction into society, rather than letting them cycle from the streets into jail cells and back.

New Hampshire is ready to send a message of hope for substance misuse recovery

At a forum on July 9, 2015, community members in Concord gathered to discuss the steps required by organizations and families to support the recovery of the many people struggling with addiction in New Hampshire.

Study of adolescents shows link between smoking e-cigarettes and other tobacco products

Within the past five years, e-cigarettes have rapidly changed the face of smoking. Youth are beginning to experiment at a rate hard to measure using current data collection methods.