Our Community Coalitions

Circle Up!

Circle Up LogoCircle Up! is a parent-motivated community partnership working to ensure our Hanover/Norwich area community supports safe and healthy development for our children, including reducing the likelihood that they will be hurt by alcohol and other drug misuse.  We believe all parts of our community must work together to establish, monitor, and reinforce healthy norms and behaviors, and work to reduce teen access to alcohol, marijuana, unused medications, and other drugs.  ALL Together supports Circle Up! by providing facilitation, coordination, and resources.

Circle Up April 2015 Newsletter (updated newsletter coming soon)

Hartford Community Coalition

Hartford Community Coalition (HCC) is a collaborative group of community members designed to support and promote the wellness of individuals and families. ALL Together supports HCC by providing facilitation, coordination, and resources. We are a young, yet passionate organization that intends to support our youth, our families, and our community to be healthy and safe. We’re growing and hope to build supports to be sustainable and effective. MACC began as a result of tragedy; we have been professionals and parents, neighbors and community members whose grassroots efforts and passions helped facilitate conversation and coordinate systems. HCC is now asking each of us to “roll-up-our-sleeves” and take concrete action with formidable results. Learn more at www.hartfordcommunitycoalition.org 

Indian River School Steering Committee

The IRS Steering Committee is a partnership between the Indian River School, The Indian River School PTSA, the Mascoma Valley Prevention Network, and ALL Together. ALL Together supports Indian River School Steering Committee by providing facilitation, coordination, and resources. The Indian River School Steering Committee aims to encourage evidence based sustainable practices while engaging parents in improving youth experiences.

Lebanon Partners United for Safety & Health (PUSH)

Lebanon PUSH is a partnership of community members , students, parents, and stakeholders in the Lebanon area focusing on education, communication, networking leadership development, and practical resources to promote greater health and safety for youth and their families, especially surrounding substance misuse, suicide prevention/postvention, and crisis intervention and response.

Mascoma Valley Prevention Network